Space Marine Demo

Warhammer 40k fans and all action and shooter fans.  The demo for Continue reading


Suda 51 is making a shmup? Tell me more!

Grasshopper Manufacture is teaming up with Hungarian studio Digital Reality to develop a downloadable title Sine Mora. The 1st trailer released on 8/3/11:

Although the trailer does not show much about the story or gameplay, it has defiantly got my attention. According to  Siliconera, the game may have a time-manipulation feature but since Suda 51 is involved I’m sure it will be unique and interesting. Look to GamingPersona to  provided more information about Sine Mora as it reaches its winter release for PSN and XBLA.

Borderlands 2 Official

Not sure if you heard but Borderlands 2 was officially announced today.  This shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone who has played the first Borderlands.  If you haven’t played the first one yet, and you like RPG’s, Shooters, Co-op, Action, Adventure, and well Shooting again, then you need to give this game a whirl.