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GameStop recalling Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC

Well after what has been a horrible press day for GameStop, it seems they have come to Continue reading

White Knight Chronicles II gets an exclusive GameStop preorder bonus.

Thinking about  preordering White Knight Chronicles II? Looks like GameStop might be the best place with its exclusive bonus.  If you preorder and pick White Knight Chronicles II at your local GameStop or at, you will receive the White Knight equipment set. The set includes the White Knight’s Sword, the White Knight’s Shield, and the White Knight’s Helm as pictured below.’s White Knight Chronicles II page is unclear if the DLC is for the single player or the online portion of White Knight Chronicles II, but it seems to be the later. With White Knight Chronicles II including the international version of original White Knight Chronicles, I have been tempted to give the White Knight Chronicles universe a try. Look for White Knight Chronicles II to hit stores 9/13/11 and stay tuned to GamingPersona for information.