Star Wars: The Old Republic Huttball

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Image by jameskm03 via Flickr

Today brings an interesting video from Bioware showcasing Huttball. Continue reading


Star Wars: The Old Republic Friday Update

Well it’s Friday and if you have been following Star Wars: The Old Republic like I have, then you know Friday is info day. Today Bioware is giving us more class info for the Jedi Consular.  The Jedi Consular is your basic Yoda type character, with strong use of Force powers. Whether you use that to harm enemies as a Shadow or help your allies as a Sage is up to you.  At least you’ll know you’ll be cruising the stars in style with the Corellian Defender-Class Light Corvette. And to finish this post there’s a new video of the Jedi Consular class enjoy.