Battlefield 3 Weapon Customization

Battlefield 3, School

Image by SobControllers via Flickr

Today’s Battleblog for Battlefield 3 showcases the customization of weapons.  There will be over 50 weapons available for you to use in the game, each with 3 customization slots. The more you use a particular weapon the more customization’s you unlock for it.  I always felt when it came to customization no game did it like Socom, and it looks like the devs over at Dice are working towards the same goal of giving you multiple options for your weapon.  Here’s two pictures showing the same weapon but spec’d out for different situations.

Carbine with heavy barrel, bipod, and a 4X magnification combat scope.

Carbine with suppressor, foregrip, and quick acquisition holographic scope.

The top Carbine is spec’d out for medium to long-range hostile acquisition, while the bottom Carbine is spec’d out for CQC.  With these customization features you should be able to find a weapon you love and spec it to your heart’s content so that it does what you want it to do.  I’m looking forward to creating a long-range and short-range version of an M-16.  What weapon’s are you looking forward to spec out?

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