GameStop tampers with Deus Ex PC copies.

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If you bought a PC copy of the Deus Ex: Human Revolution from GameStop, you’re likely missing something from the package.  Included in every PC copy of the game was a coupon for a free copy of the game for the OnLive PC service.  Looks like GameStop didn’t want to participate in the promo and decided to instruct their workers to remove the code.  This here is just the sleaziest thing to do, we know they recently purchased Spawn Labs and Impulse to get a foot into digital games, but to remove something that came with a game because it works with a competing platform is just wrong.  Next thing you know they’ll be doing an EA and wont sell game’s that are sold on Steam.  No company should ever be allowed to tamper with a new, unsold product and then be allowed to turn around and sell it to you brand new.  I hope there are massive repercussions for this.  Big thanks go out to GameSpy for discovering this.

UPDATE:  Well look’s like Square Enix has decided to comment on this issue.  Their stance is that they respect GameStop’s decision to remove the coupon and that they didn’t inform GameStop of the coupon.  It’s sad to see a publisher cave to a single retail establishment.

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15 thoughts on “GameStop tampers with Deus Ex PC copies.

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  2. IMHO: OnLive should step up to the plate, and do an IMMEDIATE press release, and honor free, new, working codes to anyone with a gamestop receipt for this game. That would be a great way to show gamers that they care about the lil guys who are getting screwed by some majorly horrid management decisions.

    Too bad gamestop is a corporation, if this was an individual, someone would do jail time for this, instead, they’ll just get fined and someone will say “Hey now gamestop, that’s a BAD gamestop, NO MORE removing stuff gamestop, and we’re gonna fine you for it.. just to show you how IN TROUBLE YOU ARE.. BAD BAD GAMESTOP!” basically.

    Gotta love the corporate world 😉 Let’s hope OnLive will do this though, anyone from that company sees this, do it – and remember, you can write off the copies gamestop threw out AND the new ones you are being forced to give out again! Talk about double tax break for those guys eh?

    • From the looks of it OnLive is sticking with a no comment. Though that would have been great press if they did come up with some kind of deal of their own for GameStop purchasers.

  3. I’ve heard rumors of GameStop opening almost a lot of their games before they sell them brand new. I found out that this.. might.. be true when I bought Animal Crossing for the DS new, sealed in the package, and found out that someone named “Bob” had already made a save state on my copy of it. When I went to GameStop and showed it to them, they refused to believe it and told me that I’d made it myself.

    That store’s always been kind of a rip-off anyway. I either buy Amazon, eBay or Craigslist anymore.

      • I was a store manager for EB Games and then GameStop after the latter bought the former.

        Games get opened every day. It’s the only way to put display cases on the shelves, and at least when I worked there we tried to minimize the number of games that were gutted. (There are legal and practical reasons why creating dummy display cases isn’t feasible.) In my seven years with the company, I can only remember one irate customer due to a gutted game.

        As for the employee check-out policy, that’s all GameStop. EB Games didn’t have one for about six years before the merger, partly because it was a loss-prevention issue, partly because of the legal thicket GameStop had gotten itself into a few years earlier because of it. A number of EB managers, myself among them, balked at implementing GameStop’s check-out policy after the merger, but my regional manager, Cindy Elder, told me the choice was to allow employees to check out games or be fired. (Managers weren’t allowed to second-guess corporate policies or enact their own, more restrictive policies.)

  4. Typical for a new service like OnLive to make a bad decision like “No Comment” just because they don’t have ap roper PR team. That’s how good services and good companies go the way of the relics ;D Keep up with the times or drown in em eh?

    And, the only reason customers won’t complain about gutted games, is because normally those “gutted” Display games get sold a little cheaper than the retail new copies. But, yeah, I knew someone who worked at gamestop, (managed one actually) and they told me it’s pretty much regular practice to do what they want with the new games when they come in as long as customers can’t tell when they get it.

    Basically, someone returns a game – they’ll restock it as new if the item isn’t damaged or is barely damaged, or in the case of carts – might have save games on them.. It’d be common sense to check for those kinda things if you were going to do those kind of suspicious marketing practices, but.. Yeah, they’ll just re-shrinkwrap it. IMO companies need to come up with a way to “retial protect” the games.

    • Yeah I agree sad that OnLive didn’t try to capitalize on this mistake by GameStop. What’s worse is I just found out that Square Enix has no backbone and their stance on this isssue, is that they respect GameStop’s wishes.

  5. So the publisher isn’t even standing up for their customers either? UGh. I’d say blackball em and protest that if I didn’t want the game so bad, and LOVE the final fantasy series.. Seriously though, that drops my respect for Square-enix quite a bit.. I never did like the company much anyways, I always preferred Squaresoft.. Ever since they did that little merger with Enix, squeenix just isn’t a company worth being proud of or investing in now.

    • I want to say I agree with you, but I loved Enix games. Just wish when they merged back bones would have been stronger. Guess if Square wasn’t having such a bad year financially they’d be in a better position to complain, but it seems for now GameStop has them where it counts and they don’t mind being cowards at the moment.

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