Final Fantasy Type-0 Japanese demo impression

First thing I would like to do is give a big thank you to Siliconera for making a great demo guide to help me get anywhere in the demo since it is very hard to do anything unless you understand Japanese.

Final Fantasy Type-0 is the second entry in the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology, the 1st being Final Fantasy XIII. Since little to no information has been has surfaced about Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Final Fantasy fans only have this PSP title to look forward to for new entries in the long running. The demo for Final Fantasy Type-0 hit the Japanese PSN on August 11, and although there is no official US release date, I decided to give the demo a try to see if Final Fantasy Type-0 is something to get excited about. Here are my thoughts.

Story and Presentation

Unless you can read and understand Japanese, the demo is not going to be a good source for info on the story. From want I have found online, the story of Final Fantasy Type-0 is about a group of magic school students and a war that is engulfing their world of Orience. There is several nice looking cut scenes, but I ended up skipping them since their meaning was lost on me. One interesting aspect of the cut scenes is that if you have different characters in your main party, the cut scenes will have different dialogue and interactions. Graphically, the demo looks pretty good for a PSP title, but you’ll definitely be reminded that you are playing a PSP tiles cause each time you go to a few steps, the game takes a couple seconds to load the next area of map. This isn’t a huge problem, but can be a little jarring. In the one tutorial level and 3 mission levels I played, the scenery and level design were very different and unique, although I would not be surprised if mission levels will be recycled in the full title. Now lets talk about the characters and control of the game.

Characters and Controls

The demo lets you play as 7 of the Class Zero students and I happy to report that each one plays differently. The 7 students to choose from are Rem, Nine, Queen, Ace, Sice, King, and Machina. Each character has a different weapon and magic abilities, but I won’t go into to detail in cause you want to learn for yourself, but the demo guide I mention earlier will provide this information. Character movement is controlled by the analog stick, and the D-pad controls the character’s point of view. Controlling the point of view by the D-pad can be quite cumbersome when you get into battles, since you have to stop movement to change the view to see where you are going. This is not something that makes the game unplayable, but definitely an annoyance. Character’s attacks are mapped to face buttons with the X button used for a defense move, the triangle button preforming a melee attack, and circle and square used for abilities or magic attacks. Pressing both the shoulder buttons will cause you put away your weapon and start recharging HP. Holding the L button will pull up a menu that will let to swap your character or pull one of your reserve character to the battle field. Holding the R button will lock on to the closest enemy. Overall, controlling your character is fun and works wells.


I enjoyed my time spent with the Final Fantasy Type-0 demo. I didn’t finish the demo since the 3rd stage has high level enemies and I didn’t feel like grinding but the rather unique gameplay and seemingly interesting story have got me praying that Square Enix will do the right thing and bring the game to the US. If you have any interest in Final Fantasy Type-0, have a Japanese PSN account and don’t mind dealing with the language barrier, I would recommend that you go download the demo to form you own opinion of the game. Final Fantasy Type-0 is planned to be release in October in Japan and hopefully a state side release will be announced soon.

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