Guild Wars 2 PvP

One of the core tenants in Guild Wars is PvP, and Guild Wars 2 will still hold on to that same tenant.  They haven’t gone into much detail about it lately, but a recent blog post by Designer Jon Peters finally gives an overview of what to expect.  First of all PvP battles will now go from 1v1 all the up to 10v10.  There will be tournament’s that will max out at 5v5.  The newest addition to PvP is a mode called Hot Join.  It will be a mode where players new to PvP or those looking to test PvP builds can go find a quick match and automatically get grouped or paired against an opponent.  I like the fact they are finding ways to ease players not experienced in PvP into this game style.

The tournament mode will be where the hardcore players go to do battle.  Where you already have a team of 5, and are a well-coordinated killing machine.  Jon Peters say’s tournaments come in the following flavors:

  • Pickup Tournaments: These single-elimination tournaments wait for 8 teams to join before starting. Once they start, they go through 3 rounds of eliminations, with winners receiving qualifier points.
  • Monthly Tournaments: For monthly tournaments, you’ll need a certain amount of qualifier points to join.
  • Yearly Tournaments: These grand tournaments feature the winners from the monthly tournaments slugging it out for the right to call themselves the best PvP players of the year.
  • Player-Run Tournaments: These tournaments will be customized by players, allowing for great flexibility and unique bragging rights.

Even more variety for established Guild Wars players.  I can see a lot of the big guilds that do run player events in the current game, now hosting massive player-run tournaments. The PvP game type will be called Conquest, where teams set out to control the most points on the map along with defeating enemy players to reach the score limit and win the round.  To spice things up they added trebuchets, and destructible environments, as well as environmental effects, such as a dragon that roams the map and kills anyone in a specific area.

There’s more to be found at these two links: