Guild Wars 2 Gamescom Demo

Jon Peters a game designer at ArenaNet, has gone into detail about the recent changes to the Gamescom demo.  One of the biggest changes will be skills wont cost energy, but dodging will.  With the new more fluid combat, standing still and clicking your skills is a thing of the past, unless you want to play that way.  For the melee fighters, and those not wishing to get hit, you will can now dodge attacks, but it will deplete your energy.

Skills are also getting a major makeover, with skill learning now attached to your weapon, and the use of it.  Non-weapon skills though will still have a similar approach like the first Guild Wars.  There’s plenty more to read about, on the changes to the demo.  So hit up the link for the full rundown.  We’ll have more info as Gamescom rolls along.

Jon Peters on the New Gamescom Demo(ArenaNet)