Guild Wars 2 Sylvari Week: The Lore

Yesterday’s update for Sylvari Week was nothing new, basically just an update of the Sylvari Race page at the Guild Wars 2 site.  Today though brings an excellent blog post on the lore of the Sylvari, delving deep into this young race’s background.  It mentions how the Pale Tree from which all Sylvari are from was born into Tyria.  The knowledge it gained from the centaur Ventari, and the wisdom it gathered from the world around it.  The Sylvari were in pods, in a place they call the Dream.  It is in that place they experienced what the Pale Tree had to offer.

The Sylvari have a belief system, where the part of day you awaken into the real world, affects your personality, and talents.  They break the part’s into four cycles: Dawn, Noon, Dusk, and Night.  They are also loosely governed by the four firstborn or as they are called the Luminaries who’s job is to cultivate knowledge, and protect the Pale Tree.

Just like most young race’s in fantasy titles, and frankly in general.  The Sylvari have a splinter group called the Nightmare Court, who believe that the outside world has polluted their race as well as the Pale Tree, and seek to turn the Dream into a Nightmare at whatever cost.

Hit up the link for the full blog, which is an excellent read, and as always stay tuned to GamingPersona as we uncover more details of what’s shaping up to be a beautiful game.

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