No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise Demo Impression

If it isn’t obvious, I love unique, weird games. When they are done right, these types of games are far more memorable then the next Modern Combat FPS or the next annual sports game. Sure it is a risk to develop a game that not all gamers may understand, but there is definitely a market for these games since there are plenty of gamers like me who are bored with the same old boring games that get released every year. Just check out my Catherine review for what will probably be the most unique game of the year. I say all this to help you understand why I am so excited about the upcoming PS3 title No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise.

I never got to play No More Heroes since I’ve never owned a Wii, so I was excited to learn that I would not be missing out on one of the more unique titles of this generation because it is being ported to the PS3 as No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise.  No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise includes all the 3rd-person Hack ‘N’ Slash Action-Adventure gameplay that the original Wii game had, but with PlayStation Move support, additional game modes, dramatically improved graphics, new missions and side-jobs, downloadable content, and new boss challenges. I was even more excited to find out that a demo would be made available on the PSN. The demo released on July 27, but due to Catherine I haven’t had the time to play the demo, but luckily I had time this morning to play it.

Disclaimer: I don’t have the Move Controller so I played the demo with the Dualshock 3 controller. I also don’t have a HD TV, so keep that in mind when reading this impression.


The presentation of the No More Heroes games is what has always attracted me to the series. The graphics, setting, story, and gameplay all add up to a unique presentation, heck your main weapon, a beam katana, is basically a light saber. The game has an interesting mix of old school meets new school. The music has a 8 bit sound to it, you smash pixelated chests to get health and batteries for your beam katana, all while running around a 3D environment. You even save your game while sitting on the toilet, different right?. Travis even breaks the 4th wall, sometimes by looking at the player and saying something off the wall about the game. All this comes together nicely to present an odd story and setting.


You play as Travis Touchdown, a former professional wrestler who meets Sylvia, a mysterious woman from the United Assassins Association. She asked you to kill someone, which you do, and then she tells you that you are now the 11th ranked assassin, all this is shown in a few cut scenes at the beginning of the demo. The demo starts as you are sent by Sylvia to go take out the 10th ranked assassin, Death Metal the “Holy Sword”. You start out inside Death Metal’s mansion after crashing into it. After running through the tutorial, you’ll start your adventure by going to different rooms in the mansion and clearing out each room of Death Metal’s henchmen. That’s all I’ll say about the demo’s story, don’t want to ruin too much. Now lets talk gameplay.


As I said earlier, I haven’t played No More Heroes on the Wii and I don’t own a Move controller so I have no way to tell if gameplay is better with motion control or a regular controller, but for the most part, using a Dualshock 3 controller does a good job of controlling Travis as he hacks his enemies into pieces. In combat, the high and low attacks are mapped to the square and triangle button, and selecting the circle button will have Travis use a wrestling move on his enemy.  After slashing at your enemy a few times, a finishing move combo begins. The basic combo is clicking the right stick (R3) and flicking the right stick in the direction that pops up on screen. The same kind of combo appears when performing a wrestling move, but this time you’ll use the left stick as well. Pressing the L2 button has Travis lock on to an enemy and helps with blocking attacks. When locked on to an enemy, you can have Travis dodge enemy attacks by using the right stick. All these controls work pretty well and make combat fun and entertaining. The only real issue I have with using the Dualshock 3 controller is charging your katana. Once your katana needs charging, you hold down the R1 button and shake the controller up and down till the battery meter is full. This works alright when not in combat, but when your in the middle of a boss battle this will frustrate you to no end since sometimes pressing R2 doesn’t seem to register and you’ll be shaking the controller for no reason or you’ll shake the controller and nothing happens. This doesn’t kill the game, though I could see it being a bigger issue in later boss fights.


The No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise does exactly what a good demo needs to do. It gives the player a glimpse of the story and the basics of the gameplay, letting players know what they are in for if they decide to invest in buying the game. The demo left me wanting more and deepened my desire to purchase the full game. Although not all moves translate well from a motion controller to a regular controller, I didn’t feel the need to purchase a Move controller for this game. The release of No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise is only a few days away, dropping this Tuesday, August 16th, at the budget price of $39.99. Try the demo then decide for yourself about pre-ordering it. From what I’ve found online, Amazon and GameStop are offering pre-order bonus codes that change the way your bike and beam katana look. Stay tuned to GamingPersona for more info on No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise.