Massive update on 3 NIS games.

Okay RPG fan’s, this year is turning more and more into our year.  2-3 titles from NIS will be releasing in September. Now I say 2-3 because ClaDun X2 is a PSP title sold through the PSN and doesn’t have a release date yet.  Disgaea 4 will be shipping out September 6th, and Atelier Totori will be releasing September 27th.

ClaDun X2 is a sequel to ClaDun: This is an RPG but with tons more stuff, and more customization features.  But I’ll save you the hassle of reading and show you a trailer that will explain everything. Enjoy!

Next we have Disgaea 4 with customization features galore, level 9999 characters, and a purported max damage of 10,000,000,000 oh and NIS promises no load times during battles.  If you’re a fan of Disgaea this is just more icing on the cake for a game you really want, and if you’ve been on the fence then hopefully this trailer will help out.

Finally we have Atelier Totori, sequel to Atelier Rorona.  Rorona will be making an appearance in this game as Totori’s teacher.  The game will feature a larger world map and up to 5 Homunculi who will help you gather ingredients and synthesize, with their payment system being pie.  Now I admit I never finished the first game, I did like it though and was able to get my sisters to play it, so here’s hoping this game will be just as enjoyable.  Maybe time for me to go finish Rorona.

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