Madden 12 Demo Impression

He's ready for some football, are you?

Presentation, presentation, presentation.  Basically sums up my whole thought on Madden NFL 12.  If this demo is any indication as to what the full game has to offer, than sign me up. The presentation in this game is amazing, it felt like watching a live NFL broadcast.  They showed key players on both sides of the ball for both teams, and out of those players, who to watch for.  The entrance for the Bears was a nice touch, and something lacking from previous generations.  The Gameflow had a nice revamp, with you being able to choose between Conservative, Balanced, and Aggressive style of plays.  Sadly there were no announcer voices in the demo, so I can’t say anything on that.  They did show what’s new for Franchise mode, and I’m excited to dig into that, and see what they did.  Stay tuned with us during the first week of September when we review the full game.


4 thoughts on “Madden 12 Demo Impression

  1. First thought field goal meter has got to go! Why you changed it from madden 10 is beyond me that was the best meter ever made. Second thought when you hike the ball and drop back get ready to throw the QB has a very slow release of the football and when the tacklers get within 3 yards the qb gets sack the physics on this is all wrong why would you get sacked when the defender is still 3 yards away not realistic at all. I hope if a person is hosting a gameflow game on his end it doesn’t show up as gameflow on my end, no respectable long time madden player like myself likes that noobish gameflow period. Please fix the camera angle when the ball is snapped it goes to a zoomed in view WTH? if the defender wants to make a play we can’t even see our players because there out of the camera viewing area, same thing with the field goals it feels like I’m 40 yards away kicking a field goal. Last but not least you guys finally got it right with the gameplay and the realistic tacking and running very well done just fine tune these little things or at least give us a classic switch back like the quick link option thanks Football gamer since 1987 Tecmo days!

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