Flame Red 3DS Coming to the US

Siliconera reports that Nintendo is releasing the Flame Red 3DS in the United States on September 9th along side Star Fox 64 3D. I’m pretty excited about this new color cause I find the 2 original 3DS colors of Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black boring and the Flame Red looks pretty nice. I would still prefer to wait for the “3DS Lite” or whatever Nintendo calls their resigned 3DS, but if for some weird reason I get a 3DS before the resign, at least I know I won’t be settling on the color. Unlike me, if you don’t care about color you can pick up the 3DS now at Walmart for $169.99 and connect to the eshop by tomorrow night to get your free “ambassador” games. Shockingly, GameStop, Amazon, and Bestbuy don’t have pre-orders available yet.