Sylvari Reveal Day 2

Today’s update of the Sylvari race in Guild Wars 2 is on the writing of their race.  Angel McCoy one of the writers at Arena Net goes into full detail of what went into creating a history and story for this young race.  The Sylvari are a young race, having only been in the world of Tyria for 25 years.  I like how they were born of a tree, and at full adulthood at that.  Crazy thing is they are dropped from this massive tree, when they are fully matured and those that survive, well get to tell their story, and those that don’t join the tree at the roots.  They sound like your typical tree hugging elves, but something about them just seems so interesting, and makes me want to create one at the start of the game.  What do you think?  Leave a comment with your thoughts.


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