Guild Wars 2 Sylvari Week

Today starts a week-long introduction by ArenaNet of the Sylvari race in Guild Wars 2.  Kristen Perry character artist at ArenaNet revealed the design for the Sylvari.  The Sylvari are a plant race, with variations of greens, browns and all the other colors you can find in nature.  The thing I like is that the Sylvari will have armor that matches them as well.  That really helps keep up the aesthetic appeal, because why would a plant creature wear metal, leather or cloth, when there are plants perfectly capable of replicating those same variants.  So far I like what I see, I can picture myself as a leafy thief, camouflaging with the environment waiting to attack an unsuspecting foe, or as a branch like Sylvari and going Elementalist and wielding the power of earth.  Stay tuned in all week as we bring you the scoop on the Sylvari.


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